{tvb} Season of Love - Spring

I started watching Seasons of Love as a filler series. Since it was a romance drama, I could just watch it without having to think a lot, haha. Well, the spring storyline was your normal hate turns to love relationship. It was too predictable throughout the series, and my favorite scenes ended up being the Kenneth Ma cameos, lol.

Him Law as Season: To be honest, I mostly him for superficial reasons. He's just the regular cocky yet filial guy that the main girl always ends up falling for. He's a good guy, though, but I didn't love Season BB. He was certainly hot in the working out scenes, and handsome in all of his scenes. I liked his scenes with Kenneth the most, though.
Toby Leung as Chun Fung: I pitied her for most of the story, but that's to the extent of my feelings toward her character. She's a good sister, and a good person. There's not really much to say about the typical tom boy character TVB writes.

Other thoughts: Yay for some Nathan Ngai eyecandy scenes, lol. I thought that they would have elaborated more on his feelings for Fung's younger sister, but I guess TVB didn't care about his character enough.

Spring wasn't to my taste, and I read that Summer was pretty boring. Oh well, I'm just waiting for Kenneth's story to unfold anyways, so hopefully I won't get too bored watching Ron and Kate.

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