{tvb} 星夢傳奇 Voice of Stars Episode 1

Finally after weeks of waiting, the first episode of 星夢傳奇 aired. I sort of skipped over the parts with people that I didn't really care for, and my Canto isn't that good so I didn't really understand the judges' criticisms. Anyways, the sole reason that I'm watching 星夢傳奇 is because of Fred and Oscar. 

I really think that 星夢傳奇 is Fred's best chance at being noticed by TVB and the Hong Kong audience. Even though he joined TVB years ago, his roles are now reduced to pretty much kelefe parts. His indie band, HOME, doesn't get a lot of recognition either. However, judging by how well he did in the first episode and the preview for episode two, Fred just might become the favorite (and hopefully win). I really love his singing, so I hope Fred gets far in the competition. 
I also like Oscar's singing, but imo it's not as good as Fred's. A few years back, I would have also complained about how Oscar got stuck with the delinquent, young guy roles, but after Tiger Cubs and L'Escargot, the audience seems to know him a lot better, and TVB has given him better roles. Oscar doesn't really need to compete in this since he's pretty popular now, but I do enjoy watching him support Fred. They've been friends for years, so hopefully they both do well in the competition together. It would be nice if they could have a special stage and sing a duet together, but that's probably not going to happen, haha. 

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