{tvb} 星夢傳奇 Voice of Stars Episode 3

Yay, another week has passed so that means another episode of VOS! This time, Hacken Lee is one of the guest judges~
Oscar gets to sing first (again), and he put on a pretty entertaining performance. His singing was only so-so, and I think it's cause he picked a faster song and danced at the same time. If he chose an easier song to sing, then he would probably get more points and sing a lot better. Poor Oscar had to go film Tiger Cubs 2 as well, so he probably shouldn't have danced so much since his waist was hurting. (Seeing Oscar and Him's interaction was cute though! And LOL I have a matching Boy London sweater...) I guess it was just a matter of time before he gets off the show, and this episode was it. :( I really hoped to see him interact more with Fred, but Oscar was busy filming TC2. 
Wow, I never knew that Lily Ho could sing! She has a nice voice, and it's sorta obvious she's one of the better singers that auditioned (*ahem* Mandy, Benjamin, Stanley, Oscar...) I liked Ronald's performance too! If only he styled his hair better, haha. It's cute how when he was singing the song again with the judge, Amigo was mouthing the lyrics too. I always end up fangirling about Fred and praising him in these posts, so there's really no point in me writing the same things over and over again haha. But as usual, he gets the most points!

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