{tvb} 星梦传奇 Voice of Stars Ep 4

Another week, another episode! This week's theme is assistance (or something like that) so the contestants sing duets with a friend. Lily brought Ngo Kanin, Fred brought Pal Sinn, Corinna and Grace paired up, and idk the other people's names (haha sorry! I recognize Ronald's partner though...) Interestingly enough most of the contestants didn't sing Cantonese songs and opted for Mandarin or English songs instead. 
There's not really much for me to say about this week's episode. Fred got the most points (again) so I'm very happy for him. :D I loved how Pal would argue against the judges for the points that they gave Fred, and then Miss Chan Chan said how it seemed like Pal was the one being judged instead of Fred. Pal seems like a funny guy, so it would be interesting to see him judge an episode instead of being just a guest. I enjoyed Ronald's performance a lot as well. hehe Also, I kinda feel sorry for Owen since it was his birthday but he got kicked out of the competition. :(
Anyways I wanted to share the theme for VOS with you guys. I can't embed it for some reason, so here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4cBy_uFL5I All I have to say is that it sucks. The song and the video suck.

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  1. First time i heard this song i was like yea it is suck haha