{tvb} 星夢傳奇 Voice of Stars Episode 2

Watch the second episode here.
The returning contestants
I know the judges didn't really like Oscar's performance, but I did. He was kind of nervous during his performance, because at functions where he performed live, his singing was better. Ronald was good, but I don't think his notes are powerful enough? Idk haha. 
Fred's performance was great as usual. Here's the link to his cut. His part was so touching, and being a Fred fan I'm really happy that he got invited to be a guest at Eric Moo's concert. I'm always saying this, but TVB really should Fred more chances. He's a great singer and he's fluent in English, something that a lot of TVB's promoted artistes last. Hopefully they'll realize what a great asset Fred is to the company. My favorite part of the episode was after Fred was given his score and all the other contestants were congratulating him. Oscar says "I'm proud, of you man" and it was the sweetest thing. They're one of my favorite pairs of best friends at TVB, so it's nice to see their bromance. 
It's interesting how Benjamin chose to sing a Mandarin song..he sang an English song last time. I wonder why he doesn't sing in Cantonese lol. I enjoyed his performance, but I guess his singing is just too average for the judges. I thought Stanley's performance was quite okay in the beginning, but it gradually got worse. The Aaryn kid is pretty talented, since he played they keyboard during his performance. (I wonder if Fred will play the guitar in a future performance...) Becky was amazing, but then again she was a vocal coach for ten years haha. The little screaming part at the end scared me though haha
It's not fun looking at the results, though, since there were already news articles about which contestants lost already. Benjamin and Stanley lost, and Fred and Becky ended up getting the two highest scores this episode. 

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