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Ugh I feel like I need to vent out somewhere, on both what happened to Raymond and about Return to the Three Kingdoms.

I'm pretty sure most of you guys have already read/heard about it, but if not, here's the link: Article
Okay, so I'm disappointed. Not disappointed in Raymond (he's a normal guy, you can't blame him. In fact a lot of guys are way worse than him...), but in his "fans" and his ex. First of all, I can't bring myself to reply to some of these so called fans' posts. Do you really think that girl is a sweetie? Okay, I'm sure that she must have at least one good point (cause Raymond did like her at some point in time), but she freaking took pictures of him while he was asleep and unaware. And I'm pretty sure she leaked them out to get more press and get more jobs. Really, if somebody did that to you would you still call them sweet? Just because she's pretty and has a good education* doesn't mean that she's sweet. And then there are some other people that are saying that he shouldn't feel too bad about it. Okay, geez, then why won't you feel too bad about it when it happens to you?

Here's something from the article that I also want to talk about: 
"Charlene Choi worked with both Raymond and Mavis in Jade and Pearl, and does not have much of an impression on Mavis. She said that she thinks Mavis betrayed Raymond and sighed that Raymond met a bad person. As for herself, she is very confident with her current boyfriend (William Chan) and her past lovers. She feels that they definitely will not betray them. At the JSG recording, Raymond appeared full of emotions and had a hoarse voice. He is grateful of Charlene for her support, but regarding to Charlene's comment about him meeting a bad person, and got betrayed by Mavis, Raymond said: "Don't say it like that, don't have too much speculations."

Okay, I'm sorry, but I think that Charlene is right. Mavis betrayed his trust, and I think it's fair for Charlene to say that. Raymond has too much EQ, if I were him I would definitely agree with Charlene right away. *sigh* 

On to another topic, man do I hate Lau Ka Ho. Why do you insist on making an MOL2-ish series? And why do you have to make Kaki Raymond's wife and Tavia a maid? I know it's not Kaki's fault, but I really disliked her in E.U. (what a stupid character) and now she's going to my unlike list once again because a stupid producer doesn't know how to assign people characters. Gah... so I guess it really is a Kenvia pairing this time. Hopefully Kenneth isn't a perv in this series, and that his clothing looks better than it does at the costume fitting. Plus, please don't make him some comedic character. Because that just makes him a lot worse; he should be more serious. 

*Talking about educated people, did you guys watch that video of the UCLA racist girl? 
Just wow, some people are so ignorant it's not even funny. I'm so glad I'm not going there. 

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