{music} What is Love (2011) - Chilam Cheung

What is Love - 張智霖

01. 冧爆你
02. 反斗奇兵
03. 戀上外星人
04. 秘密樂園
05. 究竟海有幾深
06. 劃火柴的男人
07. 愛到底是甚麼 (國)
08. 深愛著你
09. 你是奇蹟 (國)

Is it just me, or is the cover giving off a 80's vibe? haha I really like how they wrote 2011 on the cover though. :D 
And I totally did not know that this came out last week... :/ What a bad fan. But, I can say that I liked all his songs. :) I really loved Toy Story because it was especially made for his son. haha I'm a sucker for these types of sweet stories.

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