{music} First - Raymond Lam

Raymond Lam - 第一次
(This is the back cover...I'm using it cause it looks better than the real cover. haha)

01. 再一次
02. 太熱了
03. 讓我愛你一小時
04. 換個方式愛你
05. 不想讓你失望
06. 吻過吸血鬼
07. 愛在記憶中找你
08. 一直都在
09. 我們很好
10. 長假期

I listened to the CD twice during the weekend, and my thoughts*? I'm hoping it grows on me. But you guys can judge it for yourselves. lol  A really big disappointment though is that most of the songs are just his old songs but in Mandarin. I kinda knew there would be old songs, but I didn't realize there would be this much. :(
Also, I really want to know who takes the pictures for his CDs. Cause some of the pictures in this one are kinda creepy.  

*If you want better thoughts, plus lyrics, go to lee's blog. :)

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