{tvb} Rippling Blossom End Thoughts, Grace Under Fire Beginning Thoughts

The Rippling Blossom
Yeah, so I totally gave up on this series. I might rewatch it later on,  but there are no guarantees. I just got tired of it, so I only managed to watch episodes 1-12 and 20. (Hey, I had to know how it ended. XD) 

Basically, a lot of scenes are really boring and/or uninteresting. The only ones that I looked forward to were the ones with Tavia and Chilam, Tavia and Pierre, and Tavia and Ken. Myolie and Chilam scenes were okay, but I didn't really care to watch because the theme video spoiled their ending anyways.

Grace Under Fire
I didn't think that I would be starting this, but I was curious. Plus, I like martial arts series. lol And there's Fala, of course. There are actually a lot of supporting actors I like too. 

Anyways, I just started Episode 1 today. And it's okay, but there are two things that I don't like. For some weird reason, Liu Xuan's face is annoying, and I really hate Kenneth's hair. And it seems he's not the only one, because Dominic's hair looks pretty funny as well, plus Kenny's fake white hair looks stupid. The dubbing for Liu Xuan isn't that bad; the voice fits her and she was speaking Canto while filming so the words match her lip movements. I'm looking forward to the Bosco scenes because his character seems interesting. Kenneth's on the other hand, while he might be okay in a drama, he would probably have no friends in real life.


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