{tvb} Only You Beginning Thoughts

I'm not watching GOF for awhile cause I like downloading tons of episodes and marathoning them instead of watching one episode a day, so this is why I switched to watching Only You.

I only watched the first two episodes, but they were really interesting! I'm glad I listened to lee because imo, it's way more interesting than a lot of the new series TVB has. I like how they have mini-storylines, because that means the scriptwriters won't have to drag out the love relationships.I really like Yoyo in this series, and although I wouldn't want Pheobe to be my sister-in-law, I like Kristal's portrayal of her. Kevin still hasn't appeared yet, but it seems he's likeable? 

One thing though, is why are their English names so weird? Summer isn't a boy name, and Rainbow isn't even a name! I wonder how she survived her school years...

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