{music} My Private Selection - Linda Chung

My Private Selection (New & Best Selection) - Linda Chung
New Songs
1. If You Want Me
2. 得閒找你
3. 囉唆
4. I’ll be Waiting for You 
This isn't coming out until the 25th, but somehow all the new (unplugged) songs are already out?
Okay, first of all, her album cover looks so weird. I saw some other pictures from her CD photo shoot, and they were all better than this one. I mean, it's a really weird angle to put lipstick on. What gives?
Anyways, I thought this would be an EP when I heard it would have only four new songs, but it turns out to be a new and best collection. I thought there was some unwritten rule that an artist must have more than a few CDs/EPs before they can come up with a collection CD, but I guess not anymore. She barely had any songs in the first place; it's like they took half the songs from each of her CDs to put into this "collection". I'd rather that this was an EP... it seems Star Entertainment is becoming like EEG, milking money out of their artists. 
Her new songs are nothing special, and the only one that I like is I'll be Waiting for You, and only cause I like the English lines. haha

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